Dear TheBrain-Team,

could you PLEASE have a better look at what you are doing?

We just had an "emergency"-update from .142 from .143. As far as I understood, version .143 was published to solve issues brought up with .142.

In the past weeks/month I've used (sic!) TB9 all the time, bringing up quite some issues to your attention. And, I was/am not the only one.

The irritating point about that is: imho, the majority of those issues could have been discovered by you, yourself. Just by (proper) testing what you've implemented. (I may be wrong, but that's my opinion.)

A small example is the new notes-editor. Well, it's your decision how to implement it; and I see the (really good) ideas behind that. But why, for heaven's sake, is the result we currently see so faulty?

I stumble all the while about issues on the surface which are not working properly. But these are only at the surface - and I do have (...) concerns about what is not working properly "in the background", want to say, the data handling, file management, program logic. All those things, which I, as a user of TB9, can not test.  

The latest error report from this morning contains among other information the line "System.ArgumentNullException: Value cannot be null." Well, it obviously was, and TB9 crashed.
It's either not tested property - or, even worse, not implemented properly.

When I look at TB9's folder structure for the brains, I see .../Documents/Brains/U01/B01, .../B02. It's a blackbox to me, and after what I've read lately, I'm not even sure, whether it is save to use TB9 in combination with TimeMachine. That. Is. Not. Good.
I'm as well not happy about the advice not to use network drives with TB8/TB9.
I have several hundreds (sic!) of GB data in my brains, growing, a network drive with lots of TB free space nearby, but I shall not use it? That's distressing.

While more and more issues are solved, relating the interface, my doubts are growing, whether I should really rely on TB9 to handle my data properly.

And that's only because of the quality - I've said no word so far about functions I'm missing badly; date and time type, timeline, API, views.


... a bit normal for beta releases, I would say ...

I would check your update settings. If its set to Alpha, you might set it back to Beta. The releases will come slower and you won't get the "new and shiny" as quickly, but it will result in updating to more stable releases. Alpha is just that, not even to beta status.

As far as the complaints about restrictions that existed in previous versions, and "missing" features that have never existed before... Seems unreasonable to me, but I work in the software industry so my expectations are based on experience with version rollouts, and I'm not seeing anything outside the norm. In fact, based on the fact they have provided us the ability to give feedback this far in advance of an actual release is unusual at best, and far better than most.
macOS 10.14.6
TheBrain 11.0.119


Thank you for the feedback and I'm glad you are willing to share your opinion.  That's what this forum is all about!  

Both the .142 and .143 builds were only rolled out to the alpha channel.  Sorry to hear if either of these two builds caused any grievances.  I'd like to point out, however, that the errors .142 was having were not causing or threatening any issues in regards to data loss.  The main problems were related to wallpaper, font colors, notes styles, etc.  As ZenRain mentioned, it might be a good idea to roll back to a more stable channel if you find these types of issues disruptive.  

In regards to the internal folder structure of TheBrain. As we've mentioned before, it's not meant to be tampered with.  I believe Harlan said it best in a recent post:


Generally speaking, you should avoid attempting to manage the files inside the Brains folder yourself. If you move/delete/rename stuff in there, other than what is inside of a thought folder, you will likely confuse the application as it expects things to be where they are supposed to be. If you want to move your Brains folder to another location, you can do this via Preferences > System.

And we're happy to discuss other features you've mentioned you are still missing.  

  • Date and Time - we have time stamps in Notes and each thought now has a history button.
  • Timeline view - there is a clock icon to see recently modified Thoughts in order (upper right hand corner)
  • API - hmmm.  Nothing yet, but happy to hear your thoughts...

Thank you,

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