Hey guys and gals

Quick question RE: search.

Is there a way for us to search for URLs; or their names? i.e. I have multiple prototypes scattered through TB with the URL "" and being able to find them all is imperative.

Searching for, say, "Invisionapp" or the name of the URL ("CV Wireframes" in the screenshot) returns no results. I tried the Spotlight cache-clearing trick to rule-out a problem with Spotlight—but still—no results. 😢

URL not found.png    

Your guidance is greatly appreciated!

Open the reports tab. 
Change the Thoughts dropdown to By Attachments
Change Type to URL Attachment
In the name, type your query.

If you need the report a lot, hit the hamburger menu at the bottom and choose Save As and give it a name.
Then you can just open the Report pane, choose the menu drop down, and go to Saved Reports > [Name] Click image for larger version - Name: Screen Shot 2019-08-14 at 2.40.12 PM.png, Views: 56, Size: 59.62 KB
macOS 10.14.6
TheBrain 11.0.119
Perfect. Thank you, @zenrain ! 🙏🏼
Thanks for posting.  We do have full URL searching documented as a feature request that we hope to add in the future.

Thank you,

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