I loooove that the notes are done in markdown now. I work with github issues everyday and github uses markdown and I've come to love using it.

I'm not an expert but I know that there are different flavors.I use ultraedit which supports markdown to edit markdown files, and I've played with some of the more fancy editors as well. Well - I tried to edit a TheBrain note file in ultraedit and noticed that it is not interpreting it correctly.  It was a table and I know that tables is an area where there are differences in the flavors of markdown.

I am not an expert in this area so I hope this isn't a dumb question, but here goes.  Is there a particular standard that TheBrain adheres to? If so can you let me know what it is?  I may then for larger files use an external editor for notes editing.

I know this may sound totally crazy as a developer seeing as you just spent all sorts of crazy dev-hours on implementing an inline wysiwyg editor.  Please don't misinterpret the question. I absolutely LOVE that we can take notes in markdown now.  

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@media1mogul ~

This is a very good question. ðŸ™‚

As I understand it, TheBrain team has created an "enhanced" version of Markdown that is unique to TheBrain. According to Harlan, more details will be coming about this customized Markdown coding.

Must say that I don't think anything can be enhanced by making it more obscure. Would have been better to start with something vanilla one can look up and then add documented changes to it. I don't get how you can see at at the current, confusing state of Markdown-balkanisation and think.....
we need more of that.
We definitely need less of that. I use (or could theoretically use) Markdown in many contexts. Having multiple rulesets is bad.
Having secret rulesets is the worst.

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My main gripe with it is that it works off the basic implementation of Markdown, but then for many enhancements it develops its own implementation where established conventions are present. 

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For what it's worth - I would vote that there be a well supported standard picked and stick to that.

I think at that point the notes feature would have the best of all worlds.
- It's embedded. The .md files live with the brain.
- It's lightweight. (i.e. it's not word or html and you don't have to use an outside link to some other app like I was doing)
- It supports tables and other common formatting.
- If you want you can use an external "fancy" editor of your choice to edit the file.
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To confirm what @metta has said, the documentation for v11, and specifically the Markdown editor is still in the works. Though the requests for standardization on the markdown editor have been noted.


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