I've been playing for the last week or so with workarounds for an InBox.  What works for me is to have a  shortcut on the right-click SendTo menu in windows, pointing at a previously created pinned Thought in my Brain. (I've renamed the SendTo shortcut to 'BrainInBox' - the actual Brain file folder in the windows filing system is along the lines 5DC7C5EE-EC73-92A4-8765-0F0.......) .  As files reach me during the day,  I can rightclick them into the BrainInBox - whether PB is open or not - until the right time to go into my Brain and deal with them.  This also works for other key thoughts – eg a brainThought and related SendTo shortcut for a few current key projects.  With the Brain folder on a shared network drive, other people can have their own right-click SendTos as well, so can contribute documents to my Brain,  directly to Thoughts relevant to their role or project, although only I can open the brain itself - ie it is installed only on my PC.

I still use other apps for choices with capture on the go, on iPhone,  from web, etc .  I also useTablet PC ink notes extensively.  To get images of these handwritten  notes,  ink notes etc into PB, I use the free screen capture Jing, with Jing’s default save folder set to be my 'InBoxScreenCapture' Thought in  PB.  This allows me to take snapshots of my notes.  Jing autonames and autosaves them all directly into PB, so it only takes a few seconds.  In PB, when I'm ready to organise, I drag these image files out of the InBox 'foster parent'  attachment window as child thoughts, as in the screendump, then use the hover image preview to decide which Thoughts to move where.  Jing automatically names files  with date and time, which I often leave even when rehomed to an appropriate parent Thought, retagged, etc.

It probably reads as quite complicated, but is  quick and easy in practice - and reliable so far.

Click image for larger version - Name: 2009-06-06_1838.png, Views: 470, Size: 39.76 KB
Thanks for experimenting with the method.  I too am still experimenting so this is no 'expert solution'.  I have created a new Brain today to try to give a cleaner step by step guide, as what I posted yesterday had been cobbled together and tweaked over a few days, so I had lost track of how i'd got  things to work.  This description goes along with new new screen capture below:
  1. Created 4 png files in graphics ap, naming asn saving the files as: InBox; InBoxSC (for screen captures); ProjectA; ProjectB
  2. Ctrl+Shift dragged them into an empty area of the plex in PB
  3. Right-clicked on each new thought in turn to get the path and reference to the correct thought
  4. Went to C:\Users\myprofile\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\SendTo and set up a new shortcut to 3 of the 4 new thoughts (ie all but InBoxSC)
  5. Went into 'customise Jing Buttons' and set the default save path for screen captures to the path for InBoxSC
  6. Sent several screen captures and files directly to PB via these presets - some with PB open, some without.
Then when I opened my Brain, I saw my Inbox with two files attached:

At this point, my only choices are to Open Attachment

My display is different - but i'm not familair enough with the brain to know why! My files show up in the attachment window with just a count next to the thought's icon - please see below

At this point, my only choices are to Open Attachment:

From the Properties&Attachments window, I can drag single or multiple files into an empty area of the plex, if I want to display each as a separate child thought.

Did you reattach the Inbox files manually to their present Thoughts, or is it something that PB can partially automate?

All the files were sent into PB via shortcuts or autosave to these thoughts, but the idea is that the InBox and InBoxSC contents would be cleaned out every day, with files read/deleted/manually transferred to the relevant thought, or elsewhere (Internal or external to the brain) a la GTD.  Files sent to the 'Project' shortcuts would probably need sending to a specific thought within that area - eg moving from ProjectA to ProjectA_Invoicing.

Because I have only tested this very short term, i would appreciate advice on the following:
  • Before I hit on creating these 'target' thoughts by dragging the intital InBox target files in (see step 1 & 2 above),  i found they would sometimes be renamed within the brain, therefore losing the connection.  So far, it hasn't happended with this method - but is it likely?
  • If so, is there any way of preventing it - ie being able to lock underlying references to a few key folders within a brain, that can be used a 100% reliable 'sendTo' or default Save To 'folders' from elsewhere in windows?  
Any hints and feedback welcome.

Click image for larger version - Name: 2009-06-08_1414.png, Views: 356, Size: 152.17 KB Click image for larger version - Name: JingSaveSettings.png, Views: 353, Size: 86.60 KB
In Dyslucksia's screenshot, he doesn't have a Thought icon, so it appears differently. Since you attached thought icons, only the number will update.

I've used this same method before. Once you create the thought, the underlying thought folder name will never change, so you can move the thought or rename it in PersonalBrain and the folder path will not change, so your shortcut will always point to that thought.

However, if you want to use a new thought as an inbox thought (say you attached 8 attachments to your inbox thought and want to move your inbox thought somewhere else and become a project thought) you would have to create a new thought, right click the thought and choose Open Thought folder, and use that folder as your inbox.

The only thing to keep in mind with this method is that hyperlinks dragged into the folder are treated like files. Essentially when you open PB and drag a hyperlink out of the Inbox attachment it just creates a thought titled after the link name. PB will not index the Web site as it usually does when dragging a hyperlink directly to the plex, or automatically name or look for a favicon.

Windows 7
OSX 10.6.3
Java SE 6
Thanks for that.  I hadn't noticed the indexing issue. In theory, it shouldn't be too big a problem .  The idea is that the inbox is only ever a temporary holding place, so everything would be moved out within a short time.  As soon as I've moved the files out of the InBox to a new location in the brain,  a search can pick them up just as any other files (at least that's how it looks?).  What you have highlighted is that I may be opening up problems that i hadn't anticipated, so will use with caution for now. 
BTW, I'm working in Win7 with this.
Dyslucksia,all you are going to get is the "mixed entry" icon for the inbox and a number (the number of attachments) for the "inbox" thought--- unless you set it to "virtual thought". At that point, you will get a new thought under Inbox for each file or attachment in the Inbox thought.

From what I've read, dmark's description is exactly what you are getting, Dyslucksia. He said he'd pull out the attachments to be child thoughts of the Inbox, and then move them wherever he needs them. You can DRAG an attachment out of the "Properties & Attachments" tool into the plex--- and they will become child thoughts of the active thought. VERY handy for splitting up a thought with too many attachments (when you are running Pro).

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