Hi all,
I have recently rediscovered a Windows App called Activewords and have been using it to boost  my productivity - to the tune of about 20 minutes per day saved every day.

One of the ways I have done this is to create a quick script (see below) which can be used with Activewords to add a new thought to the brain with a few keystrokes (no alt-tabbing, no mouse clicking).

There is a free version of Activewords you can use with the below method:

The Method
1. Need to create new thought (could have URL in clipboard, or just something you want to add).
2. Invoke active word (I use "ba" - standing for "brain add" - followed by 2 spaces or the F8 shortcut key to launch.
3. A new child thought is created below a "catch all" thought (the first pin in the plex).
4. It's captured, I can "garden" the  brain at a later time if I want to put  it in a more appropriate place

The above saves me about 3-5 seconds each time I use it and every second counts!

Not sure if it will work with ESP mode to get to a relevant thought, but you may want to play with it.

The Activewords Script

You can quickly create a new script and paste the above in the script area. What it does is:
1. Goes to your open brain, waits up to 2 seconds to get focus (normally instantaneous.
2. Simulates CTRL+1 which goes to 1st thought pinned to plex (the catch all though).
3. F6 to create a new child thought.

When you've done, ALT+TAB back to your program or give the thought a tag/context there  and  then.

Hope this helps.


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