It seems there is some trouble with the Quick Look accelerator (I'm trying to preview items stored in a virtual thought):
  • Initially, when I click on the thought, if what I want to preview in Quick Look is already highlighted, everything is OK.
  • If I click on a thought and then on another attachment in the "Properties & Attachments" window, Quick Look does not work.
  • If I click back on the thought after selecting an attachment it works.  The extra click is a bit annoying though.  Also, if I want to again select another attachment from "Properties & Attachments", I have to click back on the thought for Quick Look to work again.
  • If I have the following situation:  Thought #1 is a virtual thought and thought #2 is a thought with a linked file.  If I preview an attachment in thought #1, then click on thought #2 and hit my Quick Look accelerator, the image from thought #1 is still coming up (the attachment for thought #2 was not automatically selected upon clicking the thought).
  • Also, if I use my "Properties & Attachments" accelerator on a virtual thought, I cannot select an attachment and use my Quick Look accelerator.

Thank you for pointing these out.  I was able to duplicate the quick look issues, but the Properties and Attachments Accelerator is working fine on my virtual thoughts.  I'll continue testing, but please let me know if you discover any more information about when this issue does/does not occur.

Thank you,
Quick Look does not work for me at all. It functioned fine until a couple of months ago, but now I cannot use it. Nothing happens when I click on the Quick Look drop down menu - I am not sure what I should do. I am running PersonalBrain on OS 10.6.2. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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