I've pasted a large amount of text into a note and I want to find some text in the note.
When I press Ctrl-F, I expect "Find", not "Find and replace". That's how it works in MS Word and Excel, and in Evernote. In all three of those apps, Ctrl-F is "Find" and Ctrl-H is "Find and replace. (Also, in every browser I've ever used, Ctrl-F is Find.)

When I press Ctrl-F in TB9 Notes, I get this:


When I click "Find", I see the text highlighted in the note but, when I dismiss the window, I'm back at the beginning of the note. I can't get to the text that I want. 

Is there a way of finding without replacing?  

Thank you for posting.  You can use the Find and Replace feature without typing anything into the Replace field.  We do have an issue open to leave the cursor on the currently selected text when closing the box.

Thank you,

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