Returning for another look at TB, last was 2009. Learning all over again. I want to be able to move topics/ideas around in the plex so they are not so close together. It appears as though that can only be done by making an idea/thought the central one for the moment, but that is not what I want because of course that is only a partial view of items.

I'm using the v. 8 User Guide with v. 9, could not find a v. 9 User Guide. This one has information that does not seem to work any more, e.g.

from the User Guide
To save an expanded view:

  1. Expand the view and arrange the Thoughts as you prefer, including activating the Thought you want to be active when you display the view.

  2. Click the View menu.

  3. Click the Save Expanded View command.

  4. Type a name for the view and then click OK.

    Adjusting the Distance Between Thoughts

    When your Brain is in Expanded view you can change the distance between Thoughts by holding down the Ctrl key as you move the mouse wheel up or down.

    Ctrl-wheel up to increase the distance between Thoughts

    Ctrl-wheel down to decrease the distance between Thoughts

    You can also adjust the spacing between Thoughts and the size of Thought text independently. Just spin the mouse wheel over an empty area of the Plex to adjust spacing and spin the mouse wheel over the active Thought to adjust text size.

    Dragging Thoughts to Different Locations in the Plex

    When your Brain is in Expanded view you can adjust the layout of Thoughts by dragging them to a new location in the Plex. Dragging a Thought will automatically pull along connected Thoughts and push other Thoughts out of the way as you drag.


Thanks for any suggestions!
There is no User Guide yet for TB9 -- and there is no expanded view in TB9 yet.

However, both will eventually be coming:
> Expanded View
> TB9 User Guide & Knowledge Base

In the meantime, our best guide for using TB9 is the video tutorials.
Thanks, metta.
Lots of chatter about a text User Guide these days.  We are actively working on a v9 Transition Guide right now.  Stay tuned...

Additionally, the Expanded View (as it worked in v8) is on our feature request list.  No updates on development at this time, but we're aware of the desire for it's return. 

Matt, your response implies that very little, if any, work has been done on the Expanded View.

From metta's link above, this post by Harlan almost a year ago:
Harlan wrote:
we decided against including our first pass at expanded views this time because there were many other higher priority items. However, we have already invested many months of development time into a new expanded view. It's just not quite ready and still has a ways to go. FYI, it is a very different approach from the expanded view in v8 which has both positive and negative aspects to it.
(My emphasis)

Is the apparent contradiction resolved by the distinction between "as it worked in v8" and "a very different approach"?

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