Hi all,

I'm a long-time user of PB, along with several other personal knowledge management (PKM) software solutions. I have been experiencing some anxiety related to storing all of my "information/knowledge" in PB. Here are my observations:
  • PB is exceptional at mapping out relationships between topics/thoughts
  • PB is an exceptional bookmarking system for storing links to Websites, articles, local files, programs, etc.
  • PB lacks a satisfactory notes feature for capturing, recording, and storing information
  • PB lacks the robust export and application-to-application conversion features for its current notes feature
As a result, I am using PB to establish the information/network linkages and other programs to store the actual information. I use the "Paste as URL" feature to link to topics in my ConnectedText desktop wiki (ie., ct://project/toptic) and to my outliner notes in MyInfo (myinfo://notes...).

Question: Have other users reconciled using PB for both their information mapping and PKM needs? If not, are you using a system similar to mine above, or do you have other suggestions?

I store information in Evernote and Personal Brain. Keeping up with two information places is easier than porting everything if ever down the line one of the two would become extinct or incompatible with future operating systems.

Capturing of information is very, very easy and fast with Evernote. This usually serves as my offline archive of material I find.

PB gets at least the link to the article dragged under the right parent. Depending on my reason to add that knowledge I C&P the whole article in the notes field then (wish it could simply automatically grab the page but alas...) or I name the thought with the factoid I found interesting.

In *general* though I have to admit that Evernote over time has taken a more prominent place: it's super fast to find something and it's the place where I usually go to first.
gcoulthard wrote:
Question: Have other users reconciled using PB for both their information mapping and PKM needs?

That is a hard problem. How much of the PKM data remains in a stable format for any length of time? Furthermore, how much can anyone expect a single product to be a solution for every knowledge requirement?

At present I don't use PB's notes for anything other than plain old notes. If I were aiming to publish my PB plex to the web, obviously I'd make greater use of its mark-up capabilities.

As it is, I'm content to leave any particular data in the format that works best for its particular needs, and utilize PB's non-hierarchical mapping to manage the larger relationships that provide context for the data.
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gcoulthard, I use PB similarly.

I use Zoot to capture pure text information.

I use Evernote to capture anything with graphics (although I am slowly moving to use it for most new textual only information, and only maintaining my older databases in Zoot now).

PB is great for many things--- but large textual blocks of data, not so much.

I have been using two different Personal Wikis, both freeware. One is a pure "Wiki on a Stick" solution so I can always have it with me (Notebook), the other is a full featured solution (WikidPad).

I looked at ConnectedText some years ago, but at the time, they only licensed by the installation instance, and I didn't want to have to buy a license for ConnectedText everytime I migrated machines. Now that they've gotten more options in their licensing, I'm giving them another look.
Thanks for the feedback!

I think I'll continue using PB Notes more for "metadata" than actual content storage. I was feeling conflicted given PB's improved search capabilities over previous versions. But, I will stay with what I know and use.


I usually use the notes in PB for info I want to reference quickly and recording any status updates.
I’ve also recently taken to writing notes on books I’m studying directly in PB’s notes. Because I can separate thoughts out into chapters, and then by important ideas, I find it more valuable being able to link these to other thoughts and retain an immediate view of the notes than segregating the information into attachments.

Other than that, I use VoodooPad (Mac based Wiki editor) for non-work related textual heavy lifting (journals etc), and for work, the standard .pdf, and Office suite documents.

Windows 7
OSX 10.6.3
Java SE 6

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