Smarter Project Management with Visual Connections

November 21, 2019

This webinar focuses on visualizing and organizing all aspects of your life, so you feel empowered to take action and make the most of your time.

Driving your ideas to completion can be a challenge especially when you’re dealing with multiple data sources, complex requirements, and multiple stakeholders. Use your Brain to create a complete context for all your ideas and information. Your project Brain will help you take control and get results.

Don’t plan your next vacation or big event without your digital Brain.

Topics include:

o Organizing your thoughts and capture ideas quickly
o Mastering time management, calendar and to-do lists
o Proven brainstorming techniques and knowledge capture that works
o Juggling multiple projects in a single Brain
o Setting project goals and objectives
o Visualizing project phases and tagging project tasks
o Accessing and integrating disparate resources
o Example Brains on: corporate events, travel, project management and vacation planning

My Projects Brain

Download your own copy of the My Projects Brain.

Download BRZ

@KenBlackman ~

😂 How funny! Now I've got to go watch it....

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