If you delete an internal attachment from a thought can you get it back or is it gone for ever? I hope the former!

I think it depends on how you deleted it.

If you chose "Delete attachment" from the PB menu, then it's gone forever:  it deletes the file and bypasses the recycle bin.

If you opened the attachment folder and deleted the file yourself (like any other file on your machine), it might have gone into the recycle bin/trash can.

However, if you have any brainzips, you can try loading up one of those under a new name and seeing if you have a copy in there.

Hope you can find it,


Hmmm - seems a bit harsh if you accidentally delete the wrong thing- esp in comparison with thoughts which you cant delete at all.

I assumed they went to the recycle bin but there it wasnt. Then I thought maybe it went to forgotten thoughts. Oh well - luckily in this case it is not TOO tragic....

Thanks for the quick response Ron!!


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