I find that I am making more and more errors in PB4 because focus changes on mouseover.

I must admit that the ability to hover over a thought and hit F2 to edit is nice, but I keep making big mistakes when typing in the notes or properties panes.

Here is the scenario: I select a thought, then start editing the Label.  As I type, my hand happens to move my mouse.  The mouse pointer  hovers over some random thought  - could be a parent, child, or jump of the current thought; could be a pin; could be a recent thought.

THE FOCUS CHANGES!!!! Not realising, I continue to type my Label.  Now the first half of the label is in the main thought; the second is attached to some random thought somewhere in the plex.  Since I can touch type I don't always look at the screen when I type.  Unless I know which thought (or thoughts) the mouse moved over I have no idea which labels (or notes) I just screwed up.

I know the X-Windows system had mouseover focus changes on windows, as do some Unix guis, but this has never been a Windows feature and is so unexpected and unusual it is really starting to irritate me. [/rant]


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