By adding even a couple of features suggested here, PB could be the Matrix or Tron of mindmapping: remember the characters in those movies were operating within superior video-game like worlds.  That is how big a jump PB could be to mindmapping, charting, brainstorming, evaluating, decision making, presentations, and on and on and on.  The possibilities are endless.  Consider the following:

You've gone farther than anyone else on an application that works like the human brain...but you stopped 1/2 way!  The human brain works as a RELATIONAL,  SYMBOLIC web.  You succeeded with the web concept and part of the relational concept. 
    + Symbols - your 3.0 had it than dropped probably because technology was not ready yet for high-quality symbology.  Now high qulaity pics, animated small gifs, some basic shapes of a flowchart, small video clips like how human memory works.
    + Relational - by allowing the user to set fixed 'distance' relations of links and size of symbols, shadows, etc.  you open a whole vast window of possibilities:  superior charting, analyzing subjective issues like closeness of friendships-relationships, and on and on. 
    + Mapping Tendency Templates:  One setup like the Milky Way - disc-like but not flat.
   + Mapping Perspective - View from above a node with new thoughts spun out and away.  The possibilities are endless.

FINALLY you would be meeting a basic need for a huge population and market:  those who are visual-spatial-symbol oriented.  You started towards this but then narrowed in on grammar-focused minds.

I would be happy to build a Brain to show you possibilitiies if you give me a prototype.  OR even a 3.0 for mac that could run next to the 4.x.

Any reactions anyone?

Being able to set a 'Distance' attribute for each link would definitely be beneficial, even without all of the other suggestions.  This could be used in the expanded view very nicely.


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