I need represent multiple relationships between two similar thoughts and also be able to add additional quantitative & qualitative information about each of the multiple relationships. I have looked at using a thought for each relationship but it started getting difficult to see what is going on. (i.e., having two relationships & a relationship-thought between actual conceptual thoughts for each of the multiple relationships.)  When I think about extending this into multiple levels or representing a multi-dimensional concept, am not sure how to go about this.  Any suggestions?


Not the best, but you could just make the Link label be multiattribute by just listing the relationships.  For example, "maker,colorer".  Or perhaps, like HTML class attributes, just using a space separated list:  "maker colorer".

You do this in the link properties box.

I think somewhere in this forum there was mention of advanced 'typing' coming for theBrain.  Maybe that will help.  I think the big drawback right now is that multiplicity is really only supported between thought relationships, but other entities are singular, like types.

Maybe some feature requests could be:
1.  If a link label or type is semicolon separated, then the Brain will create a set of label boxes for each.  The visualization would be like a railroad track diagram used in syntax diagrams.
2.  Allow the linking of a link itself to one or more "association thoughts".  This is similar to the use of an association or link class in UML (I think it allows only one, though).
3.  Allow attachments to links.

--- Josef

This may not answer the whole question but what I have done is to use color coded lines for links and color coding the thoughts also. I tried to make the colors meaningful. For instance I have one link color that I called 'expired' to show that a relationship that existed before no longer exists.

Langley, BC

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