I hope this is a newbie type question.

I rarely use the fully expanded view in the brain for the following reason:  each time I toggle between normal and expanded view - it "un-does" any organization I did in the expanded view.

I want to know how I can
1) go into expanded view - organize my plex around an idea so that it looks the way I want it to, then
2) be able to go work on another part of the plex in normal view - then
3) go back to expanded view around  the first topic and have it look the same way.

Thanks! Mark

Mark Michael Lewis | The Profitability Coach |

That seems to be one of the more pressing requests:

I have a feeling that the requirements for this might be actually quite demanding, and perhaps also similarly for the undo function, with the requirement to save a new layer of graphical positioning data. Hopefully we'll see both as soon as is technically possible.


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