I use GoToMeeting daily, from home to work and work to home.  My paid copy of PB4 is at home and now I have a 30-day trial running at the office.

The animations tend to degrade the user experience when PB is used remotely by generating extra communication traffic for non-essential graphic updates.  Even locally, the animations slow down response time at least a little, especially in busier views (such as the Brownian [Brainian?] motion of numerous thoughts jockeying endlessly for position in the Expanded view).

In addition to the cheesy 3D movie blooming / bulging effect (which you can see is a great favorite of mine), there seems to be some other "business" going on around the active thought that becomes more visible when running remotely.

I haven't specifically checked PB with MS Remote Desktop Connection, but I'm assuming the same sort of response time degradation will (have to) occur there, too.

As this will be very easy to see in house I won't go overboard in this post. 

Please add more options to control / disable animation effects both for aesthetic reasons (we don't all want dancing doodads all the time) and performance.  Alternatively, provide a way to make the animation more "coarse" (i.e. update no more than once per second to five seconds rather than continuously).


P.S. Without wanting to be too presumptuous, I'm guessing that slow-motion test runs might also reveal some animation artifacts that could be corrected for a smoother experience both remotely and locally.


Are you referring to the "Active Thought Indicator" behind the active thought?  You can actually turn this off completely in the OPTIONS > PREFERENCES window.  Just expand the Plex options and uncheck Active Thought Indicator.

Also, If you'd like to take the animation out of the thought movement (clicking from one thought to the next) you can set the speed in OPTIONS > PREFERENCES > SETTINGS TAB.   Change the speed to fast and thought movement will be virtually instant.

Thank you,
Matt Caton
No, I'm not talking about the active thought indicator (I turned that off within the first 30 minutes).

Setting animation to "fast" may make things faster when the program is run locally, but if PB generates the same number of screen updates then the remote access program will still try to send them over the network.

As I mentioned in my post, this should be very easy to reproduce using GoToMeeting or Remote Desktop.  I don't think I mentioned that I have one of the higher speed DSL connections; it might be that remote access isn't affected so much on a LAN.

Even over DSL the response doesn't go up to 10 seconds or anything like that, but it is degraded both in speed and in appearance as the remote access program struggles with redrawing the animations over the (in my case DSL) remote connection.

SSMS (Sql Server Management Studio) has a particularly egregious "smooth slide-out" feature for some of the program's panels that degrade response even more than PB4.  Fortunately the SSMS animations can be turned off with a Registry setting.

I've noticed on the forums that PB still has a one-monitor, all high-speed orientation.  I've been using remote access tools for years and have had a 2-4 monitor setup on my work PC for 5+ years (but then, I was using 1024x768 resolution in 1990!).

Hopefully PB will break out of this mold and give more consideration to multi-monitor setups and < 10Mb connections.

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