Is there a way to open existing brain that wasn't specifically exported/archived?

TheBrain app crashed as I've tried to upload a local brain, now it appears that the app cannot see that existing brain. The folder for the brain in users\Brains still exist, I still can see brain.db, brain.meta files and folders containing my notes inside. Is it possible to recover the brain from this state?

Thanks in advance!


You may want to wait for someone from TheBrain team to confirm this, but I think the fix that Brigitte described here will do the trick:

My understanding is that renaming this file is not risky, and it often sets things right when TB can't find/access an existing brain.

Can anyone here else confirm?
Hi Andy,

Resetting the MetaDB file should bring back your Brain, and is not risky. Just make sure to login after renaming the file.

-Quit TheBrain
-Open a file explorer
-Go to C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\TheBrain\MetaDB
-Click on Go > Go to
-Type ~/.TheBrain/v9/MetaDB

-Rename the file there to TheBrainMeta.db.old
-Restart TheBrain
-Login again

Thanks for confirming, Sean.

Hope this helps, Andy! 🙂

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