In the report erea: when I select a parent type the subtypes (type-children) will be selected also.
So i'd like to be able to deselect one child/ subtype. But that can't be done:
brain report filter.jpg 

it would be nicer to be able to de-select a subtype........
Especially if i want all subtypes but one...

Hi, sorry for the late reply on this one - missed it.

To get the behaviour you're looking for don't click on the parent type, just click on the subtype(s) you're interested in. It's not ideal because if you had many subtypes and wanted all except one you'd have to click all the ones you wanted separately. You should be able to click the parent and then deselect subtypes, but at least there's a workaround. 😉 Hope it helps!

/edit - you might already know you can select the subtypes separately - apologies if so.
Nick is correct. Selecting from the bottom up is the solution.  In a deep set, such as the one you have pictured, every sub type below a selected type will always be checked. This is because (again, using your example) every dag IS a week and every week IS a Maand... etc.


Yes, your reasoning makes perfect sense. Weekday is the parent type of Monday.
Every Mondday is a weekday, so if weekday is selected, Monday must be selected as well.
It is logically impossible therefore to unselect Monday, if Weekday is selected.

However, whenever I've seen nested-checkbox lists in the wild, they work the following way:
Unselecting Monday would also unselect the parent Weekday, but not the other children of Weekday, keeping Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday selected.
There is no drawback to doing checkboxes like that and I think everyone expects this and is annoyed when TheBrain doesn't do it that way.
Consider this a feature request, perhaps?

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Subtypes? Parent types? I thought there were just plane types. No mention in the manual that I can see.  Can someone tell me what they are and how to create them?

There's a bit on page 126 of the manual on "Super Types", which is another word for parent types. In the exact same way that you can assign a type to a thought, you can also assign a type to a type. The type you assigned to a type is now a super type!


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