Thanks for participating in the TheBrain 9's Preview release! We're excited about getting your feedback and can't wait to hear what you think. Since it's a very early release, we expect that there will be many issues to report and appreciate you taking the time to help with this process.

In order to make the issue reporting process as smooth as possible, please note any issues you find using a new topic for each issue. Take a moment to scan the topics to see if it's already been reported and if so, please use the existing topic.

As we move forward, we may decide to open up our formal issue tracking system for public use, but for now we're going to stick with this forum as the starting point. (I am reluctant to use our formal issue tracking system immediately as it is less friendly than the forums and can be intimidating to use and search.)

If you encounter a crash where TheBrain 9 shuts down unexpectedly, you can attach the error report for the crash to your post. These files can be accessed from TheBrain 9's Help menu and selecting Open Log Directory, then opening the Error Reports folder. If you can describe a way to make the crash happen consistently without us needing your data, it is not normally necessary to attach a log file. If we are unable to replicate it, we may ask you to send it later.

Thanks again for your help and I hope you enjoy the preview!

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