I would love to have the possibility to have a manual override of the sorting order of child thoughts.

This is how it could work:
1. On the plex, set 'Arrange thoughts by' to (the new option) 'Manual override'.
2. Select a thought
3. Move with cursor key to child thoughts (active thought remains the same)
4. When on a child thought, pressing SHIFT-CURSORUP or SHIFT-CURSORDOWN the child thought sorting order rearranges: the child thought is moved one position up or down.

Because a thought could have multiple parents, the database should store the manual override sort position of each unique parent-child combination.

This would be useful when thinking about the outline of essay, thesis or book one is brainstorming about.

Kind regards,


Not using TheBrain anymore. Switched to Roam Research.
i was trying to find a way to manually change the order of thoughts while in outline view.  there are a number of sort orders currently available, manual should be one of them. and ability to save the outline view, or have it saved for that group of children automatically.

(i know that expanded and saved expanded view is available. i have tried it in version,   and find that it has too many problems.  thoughts expanding on their own, saved expanded views being opened and completely disarranged, a saved view affecting general brain operation until it is deleted, etc. )

If you haven't done so yet, please add your vote to the uservoice request. It's currently the 4th highest.
Windows 7
OSX 10.6.3
Java SE 6

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