For reference, see the exchange between Daniel and I at the end of this post:

I'm posting here also because I feel it's a large issue.  The only reason I purchased Pro over Core was for the ability to attach multiple attachments to the same thought.  Filtering/hiding all but the most "relevant" (from the computer's perspective) attachments under one thought when searching cripples the benefit of attaching multiple files.

Files are related somehow by their inclusion under the same thought (or else why attach them under the same thought in the first place), and so odds are good that one or more might get filtered out, thus eliminating my ability to find them in a search.  In my opinion, it should never be the computer alone telling me what's relevant--it can suggest, but all options should be available to me, since a human is usually better than a computer at deciding what's relevant.


Curious as to an official response on this topic, please?

Any possibility of this behavior getting changed?

Thank you,

Yes, we are planning on making this an optional setting in a future release. Thanks.

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