Some kind of Safe As function is a must. I was using TheBrain since it was PersonalBrai, than stopped for a while and I am really surprised it is not implemented after those years (now, when I bought TheBrain License and Service Combo 🙂 

I red some discussion elswhere on the forums and would like to add my voice: please, implement a Save As or Duplicate (the whole Brain) function. Believe me – those of us, who call for it, have legitimate reasons. We want to use theBrain app that way. 

Imagine a project manager, who has a template for project, documentation and many many more things and only needs to opent the template when starting new project. He does not need to create everything from scratch – that is time consuming.

Imagine a presenter, who has his "structure" of a talk and only needs to fill in content (you might suggest, that every presentation is unique - hell yeah, but I am talking about narrative structure – and there are some of them, that can be aded to Brain as templates – as placeholders (Heroe's Journey, Minto Pyramid Principle to name a few).

Imagine a lecturer, who has an ideal structure of a workshop/training/seminar and needs to fill the data for different events. Or he needs to share the „almost the same Brain“ with different groups – but than creating alwas a new Brain is... time consuming 🙁

The way we can duplicate Brain now is… time consuming 🙁

Why not make us happy? At least I am reading TheBrain Technologies emails and they are saying something like: „Stay productive“ or „Be more productive“ or something like that, right? 😉

And thanks for great tool anyway.

Are you thinking and/or suggesting a "selective export" or "clone" type feature to pull out specific hierarchy within a brain database? ... or simply a full brain snapshot? If the latter, why not use the "Backup to Brain Archive" feature which seems to me as though it covers all of your requirements?
Hi eeik, I mean full brain snapshot. Think about it like a Word or PowerPoint or whatever document. Save document as a template (or as a version or whatever) and than Load it and give it a different name. Easy.
The "Backup to Brain Archive" you are suggesting is too complicated, involves tooooooo many steps. Not easy. Too many steps one have to remember/recall. Definitely not a time -s aving procedure and miht lead to a mess.
Thank you for your reply.
Another use for which his would be a good feature: at my organization we use the Brain for an iterative process of strategic planning, and it helps to be able to "freeze" a brain for one year, then copy it to start the next year's cycle.
+1 -- Definitely!
+50 🙂 Only thing better would be a linux version too (🐧) 😁😇
There is a feature request for this option, and I have updated it with your input.

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