Contacts is type of information everybody has. My guess is that probably all users of TheBrain have some contacts / people listed in their Brain.

I propose and request to have a 2-way synchronization feature with Google Contacts and TheBrain. Any contact added to Google Contacts automatically becomes a child thought of a thought called 'Contacts'.

Thanks for considering. 

Best, Koen

PS. 'Contacts' would then be a thought that is standard in any brain, similar to what I propose here for 'Brainbox' 
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Seems like a good idea. But, what type of contact info do you want to sync with TheBrain? Email addresses, street addresses, phone numbers, websites, dates? 

If all you want in TB is the contact name, then it hardly makes sense to configure a synchronization. You can just import the names from your Google Contacts into TheBrain and then add contacts manually as needed. BTW, Google Contacts has several fields just for the name: First name, Middle name, Last name, Prefix, Suffix, Nickname, and Phonetic first, middle and last name, along with Company and "File as".

It would be nice to have contact fields in TheBrain, and sync those fields with Google Contacts. In fact, it would be nice to have different types of fields for different types of information in TheBrain.
Indeed, this would make more sense if TheBrain supported proper arbitrary metadata attributes, à la Tinderbox. I won't go too far into this fantasy, lest I start to hyperventilate.
I bring a Google Contact into TB as needed (I have about 2500 Google Contacts but only about 200 of them so far have been worth putting in TB, typed and tagged).  Once they are in TB, I copy all notes from their GC record into their thought.  TB will now be the only place to update notes for that contact.  For easy reference, I keep their email addresses, phone numbers and their TB thought URL synced with GC and my phone but all important details are in TB.  As an attachment in TB, I have each contact's Cloze link.  I used to have a paid Cloze account but the free one works fine.  Once it is set up, the great thing is that clicking on the Cloze attachment in TB shows the recent email history with that contact.  So, for each contact in TB, I have 3 tabs - Notes, Events and http://www.cloze.com    I can send emails to that contact directly in that tab as well.  Works like a charm.
@tomcal123, thanks for the info.

Cloze sounds interesting but it's not clear why you keep contact info in TheBrain.
What does TB provide that you don't already have in Cloze and Google Contacts? 
Also, it seems that the free account is not available.

I like having as much info in one place (The Brain) as possible.  Fast to search on Windows and my phone.  In addition to the notes, all other thought connections (jump, parent and child) are available to me as I view the contact in The Brain, not so with Google Contacts.   I always review a business contact's info in The Brain before making a call to them.  I have a thought for every day and add the contact's thought as a child thought to that day whenever I have any interaction with them.  So, in addition to the Notes, Events and Cloze tabs, I can see all of the "parent" thoughts of days that we had an interaction.

I was not aware that Cloze no longer has a free tier.  I see that there is a 14 day trial available.  May be worth looking into.  I no longer have a paid account and it still works fine, in Cloze.com, iphone Cloze app as well as in The Brain browser.

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