Hi All,

Here is my latest project.  I work in IT at my company and there are a TON of spreadsheets saved all over that contain very valuable information that I am now trying to consolidate into a PB.  So, as I continue to build this out, I'm sure I'll seek all of you out for more helpful tips but for my #1 question right now:
What is the best way to copy/paste a large group of cells from .xls to PB as thoughts AND have PB check for duplicates AND if duplicates are found, allow me to ignore the dup but add the original as a child of a new parent.  For example,
a. server type A is an existing parent thought
b. server A has two child thoughts: server 123 and server 456
c. I create a new parent thought called server type B
d. I import a block of .xls cells with a list of servers into PB(after first pasting into notebook and adding semi-colons) as children of server type B
e.  Uh oh. looks like one of those new children that I imported is server 456 (which is already existing under server type A).  But, I don't want this to be a duplicate thought but rather just have it linked as a child thought for both server type A and server type B. 
My first attempt is incredibly ugly and painful so I am hoping there is a better way.  What I did was look thru the list for dups and whenever I found one, I would forget the dup thought and then select the original and link it under the new parent type. 


Playing with this a bit, I seem to recall that in prior versions ( now) the brain would offer matching existing thoughts as a prompt before accepting as a new thought. Doesn't seem to do that now.
This thread may help a bit. I believe a # in front of the name in the outline you are importing denotes an existing thought in the outline.
Windows 7
OSX 10.6.3
Java SE 6

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