I notice strange behaviour of PB (freezes for 30 second) since I started pasting texts into notes from websites opened in Chrome browser. Previously I was using firefox and never experienced such problem. Despite having enough memory PB freezes while loading notes pasted from chrome. I have to say here that my average paste text can be up to 1500 words with links etc. My guess is that rich formatting of text (from website + plus links) is preserved by chrome in greater extent than in firefox for instance thus more information to process by PB while opening notes.

Has anyone else been pasting text from websites by different browsers?


Thanks for posting.

Please indicate the following:

1. The version of PB you are using in which you experience the problem in?

2. The version of Java PB is using on your system?

3. Chrome version you are using?

4. Does the problem only occur in a certain Brain of yours?

5. What if you create a test Brain, can you replicate the problem in the test Brain?

You said on average you are pasting 1500 words, that comes out to about 4 pages. We recommend keeping Thought Notes to a min of 2 pages, anything more should be put in as an attachment.


Hi Moe
My versions:
Windows 7 Ultimate
Java: 1.6.0_12 (that at least PB says; on my uninstall list it is 1.6.0_18)
Chrome: unknown (44723)

I will try to replicate the problem in separate brain. However since I removed the formatting from that note everything went back to normal. the text had lots of links because it came from wikipedia.


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