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@chinarut and others... I spent some time with Roam and overwhelmingly felt that I wanted my notes in individual markdown files, not uploaded into the Roam cloud. There is also something "odd" about the Roam marketing, hype, social media splash. I am now trialing Obsidian which does much of what Roam does, but on local files. The devs seem more "normal".

Trialing different tools makes me stop and think about what is the outcome, the goal, that I am going towards. I think first is a knowledge repository, my personal encyclopedia. Maybe that has personal events and people -- I have done some of that but never fully committed to that -- but definitely deeper knowledge exploration and documenting or finding relationships.

Roam/Obsidian seem more focused on maturing knowledge on a topic and iterating on written words toward a blog entry, a white paper, a journal, or what have you.  Maybe Evergreen notes you might call them.

I would like to do more of that, traditionally I have not. I don't think TB is the best for that (v12 may prove me wrong), but I also don't know that i need a full linking tool like Roam/Obsidian.

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