Has anyone given any thought--or already implented anything--for taking advantage of PB in regards to their RSS feeds?

I've been thinking about it lately, and here's what I might do:

I use Thunderbird to manage my feeds (mostly too lazy to switch to anything else, heh). My first thought was to just let PB index the storage directory.  However, I realized that Thunderbird keeps all of a feed's entries in one large text file.  That just seemed to large or clumsy to be of much good.  for example, if I ran a search, sure, it's in this file, but this file is 2 MB and then I have to open the huge attachment and look for it myself with searching in another program.

So what I'm thinking about doing now is this:  I wrote a quick Perl script so that I can connect to RSS feeds and grab the latest content.  I think I'm going to create a thought in PB with the feed's name (of the blog/site/person/whatever), and then find the associated directory where PB will keep that thought's file attachments.  What I'll then do is give this directory path to my RSS perl script, which will then make a new file for every entry in the RSS feed and copy into the directory for that thought.  Thus, PB should "see" the new attachments (whether it's currently running or the next time it starts) and thus index the feed files.

It's more work, since I'd have to add the feeds to my perl program (or some sort of central location/list that the perl script can look at) in addition to adding any new feed to my usual rss routine, but this seemed like a pretty good way of getting rss feeds into my personal brain so that I can associate them and index/search them.  It also has the benefit that each entry in the feed is a separate file, that I can  always move into its own separate thought if I want to highlight its importance or further integrate it into the brain.

Any thoughts?


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