Personalbrain is a great application, I think it can be enhanced by adding thoughts that are obtained by an RSS feed, thought icons could be the picture in the feed and that would be a new and interesting way to get the news,  read them and visualize them.
Interesting Idea.

I don't think it would be a good fit for the brain. It would get really cluttered really fast (depending on what you subscribe to).

Unless you had some google reader features that allowed you to 'mark all as read' and then delete the thought, but that would require a lot of work i imagine
One of the many benefits of RSS Thoughts would be that you can create your own feed and no matter what computer you are at you can send new ideas through the RSS feed by simply posting new thoughts.

george, i hear you on that. i've been working with an e-mail2thoughtxml gateway w/PB pro (a hassle since the xml needs to be imported every so and so) to achieve what you are thinking of. The idea of adding an rss-reader into PB would definitely enhance PB. That way a simple rss-push would add it into PB, typed thoughts and all, attachements included..., yay! Way to go. 

I would support this on uservoice, because what we need is  a quick way to enter thoughts while on the road. Make this mobile, simple but mobile. Or interface it with reQall or anything.

One of the things i struggle most with when using PB is its interoperability with other software. I don't use Outlook or the like so a simple thing like getting mails into PB is kinda difficult. And even though i like the drag-files-into-it approach plus directory importing features w/i PB i especially miss the other way around: PB being open to the world of other applications (exporting XML each time is NOT an option).

Maybe the rss-feed should go both ways and instead of exporting a brain's xml to disk, then generating rss from it with xslt or the like according to handwritten rules, a thought or thought-type could be declared as "RSS-exportable" and automatically generate the corresponding rss-xml to disk (or push it online somewhere). That way one could create RSS-feeds from inside PB and update feeders on mobile phones/ friends computers/ PDAs/ ... and also take along those Todo's etc.

It could even be a selling argument for the Pro-version and an intermediary to a PDA-Version of PB. Actually, i think i don't want to take all of my brain along, just the stuff i need and querying PB for more on the road when the need arises. Such a quick import could be done by searching for a thought name and subscribing to its RSS-feed..

Anyway, sorry for having hijacked this and kind of turned the functionality around, but that's what i came up with. I like your idea!


-- ( on Mac OS X 10.12.6
   Old enough to remember Natrificial times...

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