An alternative to having a multiple OS Brain is to just use virtual machine technology to run the Brain. 

I have used Microsoft's VirtualPC, Vmware's Workstation, and now VirtualBox.   So far VirtualBox is what I'm looking for, and its "seamless" mode is amazing.

Anyway, I have run the Brain on a Windows VM on a Windows host.  But, I haven't tried to run this on a non-Windows host yet.  An imported feature is that Brain files could be put on a shared host folder. 

BTW, this is an excellent approach to QA.  One could run each version of PersonalBrain in its own OS simultaneously on the same PC without them stepping on each other.

Another option is to use the concept of Appliance.  In the VMware product line,  people and companies create appliances (many free) which are prepackaged OS and applications in a VM that users just use, no installation required.

Obviously, using VMs is very important as a sales and demonstration tool too.

---- Josef B.


Thanks for sharing.  Now you're making me want to experiment a bit.

Interesting approach.

John A. Taylor
PB Pro 6
Win XP, Win 7
Thanks.  Just to be sure I'm not off-base, I installed Brain into my winXP xVM VirtualBox VM.   It works!   I had some video problems at first and I had to install Java 1.6, of course.

Now I have:
  • winXP host:  PB under java 1.6.0_05, FireFox 2.0.
  • winXP guest xVM: PB under Java 1.6.0_10-beta.FireFox 3.0 beta.

The guest VM is running off an external Maxtor USB drive.

This is on a single-processor Lenovo laptop.  I'm also running maxivista, so I can control another laptop, eclipse for my job stuff, slingbox to see the boob tube, and a bunch of other stuff. 

Process Explorer is showing 63.67 percent idle.  This is  amazing.  Of course, the speed of everything is not great.  This is just a test.

Josef  B.

I've been considering this myself.

I do software development on a *nix machine at work, and run a windows XP  VM via Innotek's (Well, now owned by Sun) Virtual Box for those things where I Must Have Windows.

Needless to say, it got me thinking about my PB situation at home.  The only, and I do mean only, thing that keeps me using windows at home is the full-text searching/indexing of the windows PB.

I will probably get everything installed sometime this week/weekend, and will report back with what I experience.

One main concern is just having enough system resources to run everything smoothly.  Maybe I should hit up newegg for some extra ram.

Up until six months ago, I was running the linux version natively, and the windows version under vmware as a linux session. I found this especially usefull, as PB Linux does not have all the features of PB Windows. For example, I was importing firefox bookmarks with the windows version into a PB file loaded from a samba network share. Of course, I could not access the same PB file twice at the same time.

I've recently gone cold turkey on windows...
Be vewy quiet. I'm hunting wabbit.

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