Hey everyone,

Just solved a small but annoying gripe I've had using Safari's auto-suggest password feature and thought I might as well share it:

If you use two different passwords to sign in to app.thebrain.com and forums.thebrain.com, Safari treats this as one single log-in and password, that is, the browser organises log-ins by domain name (i.e. thebrain.com) and ignores the subdomains (i.e. "forums." or "app.")

This can be problematic causing an "incorrect password" dialog box to appear when logging in if you use two different, auto-suggested "strong" passwords for theBrain app and this forum site.

Here are my two solutions:

1. (Not recommended)
You can use uncomplicated passwords for each site that you can remember easily and enter the passwords manually each time you login.

2. (Recommended) 
Use two different, Safari auto-suggested passwords for app.thebrain.com and forums.thebrain.com — note: you'll need to jot down your username and passwords manually for reference to complete the next steps.

Safari users:

1. Open the Safari browser on your Mac.

2. Go to the Safari menu and select Preferences.

3. Select "Passwords" from the menu options and enter in your Mac password to proceed.

4. In the search field, type "theBrain", to see your passwords for app.thebrain.com and forums.thebrain.com

(note that two different websites are grouped as having the same log-in details—this is the issue we're trying to resolve here; if you're not seeing any passwords, that means you have not asked Safari to auto-save your login details, a feature that appears automatically when you log-in to a website if you're running a recent version of MacOS and Safari.)

5. Select "Add" and enter in, for example:
Website: forums.thebrain.com
Username: [your email address]
Password: the strong password Safari created for you and one which you've jotted down temporarily to complete this task

Select "Add' again and enter in:
Website: app.thebrain.com
Username: [your username] - not your e-mail address
Password: the strong password Safari created for you and one which you've jotted down temporarily to complete this task

6. If you have completed the steps successfully, Safari will behave as expected and auto-suggest the two unique passwords when signing in to either app.thebrain.com and forums.thebrain.com.

7. If you have changed account passwords at any time during this process, you will have to log back in to your Desktop and Mobile versions of theBrain using the new login details.

I hope this process makes sense and that Safari users have found it useful.



***Just discovered a MacOS-specific forum. Does anyone know how I can delete this and move this forum entry over there?


MacOS 10.14.5TB 10.0.50


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