I don't know if this has been suggested, but it could be very useful if we could "Save Brain as Template". This way we could create our own templates.                 

It's not built-in, but there is a way to create your own templates.

If you have an existing Brain that you would like to incorporate into your list of Brain Templates: File > Import > Template Brain, please follow the instructions below:
NOTE: for this example, we will be referencing an existing Brain called RESEARCH.
1. Open the RESEARCH Brain that you wish to add to your import list and make sure you have set the correct Home Thought.  This will be the Thought where the Brain will connect to existing Brains upon import.
2. Click on File > Export > BrainXML.  Save this new RESEARCH.xml file into the location where you have installed TheBrain at TheBrain/app/model.  You will see the other Brain xml files and folders in this directory.
3. Create a new folder named RESEARCH in this same TheBrain/app/model directory.
4. Return to the RESEARCH_brain folder (the database of the original Brain) and copy the Files folder.  Paste the Files folder inside TheBrain/app/model/RESEARCH.  The path will now look like TheBrain/app/model/RESEARCH/Files/...
5. Edit the RESEARCH.xml file in a text editor

• Search for a line similar to <fileRoot>C:\My Brains\RESEARCH\Files</fileRoot>
• Replace with <fileRoot>TheBrainModel/RESEARCH/Files</fileRoot>
• Save this edit
The existing Template Brain xml files are named with _01, _02, _03, etc.  Feel free to re-arrange these numbers to force an order to your list of Template Brains.  The corresponding File folders should not have the _01 prefix. 
Thanks Patrick for the feedback.

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