I am evaluating the pro version.  I find it very useful except that there seems to be no option for specifying the save location.  It defaults to My Documents.  I want to save to my network drive as this is backed up centrally. 

I seem to be able to pick up all the files and copy to the new location, then browse to that location and 'open brain' but this isn't ideal.  Users might forget to do this and data security would be compromised.

Am I missing something or is there really no save location option?

I'm also not clear when the in-use brain is saved.  I have suspician that it is only when the programme is closed.  If so, lots of work could be lost if the PC/programme crashed.  Am I right or does the brain get saved more regularly - ie when moving away from a field as with many databases?

The location where new Brains are created defaults to your user location (My Documents on Windows). To change this, simply create a Brain in a different location - this location will be set as the new default.

PersonalBrain saves your changes as they are made. So as soon as you make a change it is saved. The only exception to this is Notes, which are saved when you activate or highlight a new Thoughts. In version 4.1, Notes are saved every 5 seconds. (Notes can also be manually saved via Ctrl+S.)

So, if you lose power or the program crashes, the most data you could possibly lose would be whatever you have typed into notes in the last few seconds or since you clicked on the active Thought.


Great, thanks.  I see it now.  I'd overlooked the location field in the new brain dialogue. Doh!


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