It would be nice to save the settings for a particular Tab for a particular Brain, e.g. Normal vs. Mind Map, Expanded or Collapsed. As far as I can tell, there are about 7 settings that would need to be saved for each Tab:

  1. View: Normal, Outline or Mind Map
  2. Expanded or Collapsed
  3. Zoom level 
  4. Position of Notes Editor: Left, Right, Top, Bottom, Hidden
  5. Size of Notes Editor (seems to default to half the window)
  6. Active thought (seems that this is currently being saved)
  7. The name of the Tab

The Report feature is powerful but there's no longer the TB8 feature of saving a report. There are a lot of choices when filtering and it would be nice to be able to save a complex filter. Also, the "Time" filter and the "Date" sort should have the same choices that are available when arranging Thoughts in the Plex: Date Modified,  Date Created, Date Activated.


Thank you for posting.  I have verified that both of the Save Settings and Save Reports feature requests are documented for consideration in a future release.  Modified, Created, Activated categories for the Time filter in Reports is an existing request as well.

Thank you,
I just realized that Tab configurations are saved when exiting TheBrain. 
All that's missing is the ability to name each Tab.

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