Is there any scanner and/or software solution, which can scan paper as a pdf-file directly to a thought in PB? I wish to have a systemwide inbox in PB. To this inbox I can scan paper, I would like to have a PB-button in my browser to store the link or some information from the site (like it is in OneNote) to the inbox. Or a button in Outlook, like the MindManager has it.

If I have those buttons, I can work without interruptions in Outlook, the browser and so on. Now I always have to change to PB, must look where to link the information and then back to my work. Really painful and so much clicks! This works with OneNote really good. You can choose it in the preferences, if you want to change to OneNote or not.
The quick answer is no.

However, what you could do is create an inbox thought (or tag if using 6.x) and then open the thought folder. Copy the folder path. Then create a shortcut on the desktop (or wherever you have easy access) using that path. Call it whatever you want.
Now you just have to save the .pdf files to that folder and they will be automatically added as attachments to that thought. Later you can drag them out to create individual thoughts, or attach them to other thoughts.
Windows 7
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Java SE 6
The idea of using an inbox thought or tag is excellent. I've spent a few hours playing with a new desktop document scanner today and, as Zenrain suggests, creating a shortcut to the Inbox thought folder really speeds things up. My scanner software uses this shortcut as a file destination for scans. I quickly put about 40 items in there, the key being to name them as you would a thought. From there, I relocated the attachments by cutting and pasting them as child thoughts to appropriate parent thoughts.

It worked fine but there is always room for improvement. Perhaps an option to create a thought from an attachment would be useful.

I've also been using OneNote for saving items that need to be searchable. I agree that OneNote has a much better approach to filing scans and links, but it might be difficult to come up with a similar system for TB.
Im using an Inbox thought that is linked to the Downloads folder of Windows an pinned up.

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Reinhard, TB, WIN 10

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An additional tip for OS X users, you could create a symlink to the folder and put the linked folder in DropBox. If you use iOS, that means you could save documents to that folder for easy import later. 
You have to use a symbolic link, aliases (shortcuts) to the folder won't work.
macOS 10.14.6
TheBrain 11.0.119

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