Hi Team,

I am getting what looks like an unusual screen draw error in the Types window.

I have the Notes window docked upper-right and the remaining group of windows (Thought, Tags, Types etc.) docked below the Notes window lower-right as a single window with tabs.

When I select the Types (tab) window and click on a Type (I only have 7 listed) the name becomes  inviislbe and the gray gauge to the right of the name increases in length by a few pixels. Each time I click onto another Type and back again, the gray gauge increases in length.

My Types window is a black background with white font Type names, so I am assuming that when I click a Type the font is changing to black, hence it appears invisible(?).

Please see a 30 second video of this here:

Hope you can help.
Loving ver 8!
Java J-1.6.0_65. 64-bit

Is this happening with every Brain or just the one? Can you please try this:


1. Close any instance of TheBrain or PersonalBrain you may have running.


2. Open Terminal


3. Copy and Paste this (one line at a time):


    defaults write AppleShowAllFiles TRUE


    killall Finder


4. Navigate to: (/Users/YOURUSERNAME/)


5. Delete any .PersonalBrain folder if one exists and you are no longer using or no longer have PersonalBrain 6 or lower installed.


6. Navigate to: (/Users/YOURUSERNAME/.TheBrain)


    Another way of getting to this folder is by right-clicking on a Thought in your Brain and selecting 'Add Attachment' then 'Templates...'. This will prompt you to open the folder associated with Templates. Select 'Yes' and the folder will open. Navigate one level up in the folder structure and you will be in the .TheBrain folder.


7. Move any .xml and .bak preferences files to your Trash.


8. Empty your Trash


Once these steps have been completed please try restarting TheBrain.



If you wish to hide hidden files again:


1. Open Terminal


2. Copy and Paste this (one line at a time):


    defaults write AppleShowAllFiles FALSE


    killall Finder



If you are still having trouble after this, please let me know. 


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