Slightly frivolous suggestion but could be nice, and easy to implement...

I would like to be able to configure TB as my screensaver...
  • The "Wander" feature would be extended to include an ultra-slow, constant transition speed. E.g. in the order of 10-30 seconds to animate a single transition from one thought to the next. It would then immediately continue onto the next with no delay.
  • There should be an option to hide private thoughts while the screensaver is active.
  • The mode should be configurable within the standard Windows and MacOS screensaver functions.
  • Ideally, the screensaver wouldn't alter the past thought list, so you can get back to where you were when you restart work.
And that's it. Just a slow, gentle, wander through my brain. I'm not going to flounce off if this isn't implemented in the next alpha patch. 😉
Feature request submitted. You can already almost do this, if you give the full window to the plex, and go into presentation mode(full screen), and in preferences set the Wander delay to 0 and animation speed as slow as it goes. But you'd want the animation speed much slower, and as you said, not updating the past thought list would be nice.

We'll reply back here if/when we're able to do this.

- Peter

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