This was biting me for a while. Why PB only saves whatever you paste into png format. I know this is lossless and good format but I can't  accept that the same picture (especially photos) could be 10x smaller if saved into jpg format. I know it from that I often open a folder with that picture and edit it in the window paint to jpg. The outcome is shocking but very time consuming. Therefore my question is why not give an option to users to choose to which format they want to save they captures.
Jpg are much more efficient for photos whereas png is good for pictures with lots of text, lines and cartoonish graphics.


Thanks for the feedback.  A png-8 file is typically a bit smaller than a jpg at 100% quality.  So we were aiming for the best quality with the smallest amount of disk space. We'll certainly take your suggestion into consideration and add this to our feature request list.

Thank you,
Thanks for looking into it. I don't know how many people paste large photos in PB but I personally was ending up with files about 3mb each in png. Once converted into jpg they weighted 200kb without noticeable loss in quality.
I was very nicely surprised that PB doesn't discriminate and displays any format as icon (jpg,gif) from the thought folder, not only png.


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