version 9 android kernal 4.4.153


1. when I am taking notes in the notes section, after I fill the screen, the text I am writing is below my keyboard, so I cannot read what I am writing. It is not scrolling high enough on the page. If I want to read what I have just wrtitten, I must manually scroll the page up so it is not hidden by my keyboard.

2. because I use txt to speech for 95% of my writing, this is further complicated. Because I cannot see what is being written, I cannot tell if my text to speech is working or has shut off. This leads me to speak a paaragraph, only to discover that it wasn't working AFTER i stop speaking and manually scroll up the page.

this makes the mobile version of the brain simply unworkable for me.

Back to evernote I guess.- then cut and paste into the brain later, if ever.


Mark Michael Lewis | The Profitability Coach |

Thank you for posting. We'll take a closer look into this issue.


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