Can you tell me how I can search across multiple brains at once?


The search only looks within the current Brain. There is not a way to search across multiple Brains.

On a related note, there is a way to link to specific Thoughts in another Brain.
-Open the Brain you want to link to
-Choose the Thought to link to
-Right-click and Copy Local Thought URL
-Open the Brain where you want the link to be
-Navigate to the spot to add the link (either a Thought or in the notes)
-Right-click and Paste Web Link

Also, this link functions exactly like a hyperlink. It is one way only, and does not show any data from the other Brain.
Hi just wanted to add that if the capability to search against multiple brains is added (which I think is a good idea and would be a nice addition), that you also keep the default behavior as an option to still have search within only a single brain there.    I have situations where I use an individual brain for studying a topic and I want to review without getting 100's of hits from my other larger brains.

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