Is there a way to search and replace a text string that appears in a number of thoughts in a brain?

I have figured out how to select all the thoughts involved so that they appear in the left-hand sidebar, but I can't find Search and Replace or Find and Replace anywhere in the forums or the manual.

Really need help on this--have a huge presentation to do in a few days and hours and hours ahead of me working on this brain.


Is the text string part of each thought's name? Do the thoughts to be changed all have a common parent, or can they be made to have a common parent at least temporarily?

Search/Replace is not yet a function provided in PersonalBrain, but there is a work-around. Try these things first on a test brain or a copy of your master brain.
  1. Collect the thoughts to change in the Selection Box. You've already done this.
  2. In the Selection box, Right+Click > Copy Thoughts
  3. Open a new blank file in an ASCII text editor. DO NOT use a word processor in any of the following.
  4. Paste the copied thoughts in the blank file. You will notice that thoughts are represented in XML. You can see everything there is to see about a thought in the XML. Look for the <name>...</name> tags to locate the thought names.
  5. Use the editor's text search and replace functions to make your changes. Take care to change only what you intend to change, and don't mess with the XML tag structure. You will experience unhappiness if you do!
  6. Select and then copy the entire ASCII file to the clipboard.
  7. Return to the plex from whence you copied the original thoughts. Make sure the active thought is where you want to paste the edited thoughts.
  8. On the plex background, Right+Click > Paste Thoughts. For each thought already in the brain, you will be asked whether you want to overwrite or take some other action. Note: thoughts are identified not by their name but by their GUID signature which is unique for every thought in the known universe.
As I cautioned earlier, become familiar with this procedure on a practice brain or a copy of your master brain before operating on your important data.

-- Sam

>Is the text string part of each thought's name?


> Do the thoughts to be changed all have a common parent?


> Search/Replace is not yet a function provided in PersonalBrain

This is one of the most troubling pieces of software news I have received in months, especially given the cost of this program.  

Don't get me wrong, I love PB.  But the fact that there's no search & replace...  That's such a major FAIL for a software that's up to version 5 that if I was PM, I would reassign the whole Dev team to implement the feature before releasing the next update, no matter how many hours it took.
See here.
PB on Windows XP, J-1.6.0_17

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