Is there a what to search the attached URLs by the URL? Suppose I'm looking for all the thoughts that have links to articles? I've been tinkering with the search options and can't seem to find one that works. Did I miss something?
Good question!

I have a brain where I store hundreds of links to various forum posts, and when I searched on ""
> 95 thoughts came up in the universal search (there should be hundreds)
> 3 thoughts came up in the report search

Compare search results using
> NO results in universal search
> 3 thoughts in report search

Will be looking forward to feedback from TB team on this search issue.
Thanks for posting. Attached web pages (URL's) are not searchable in TheBrain 10. This is a feature request that is still on our to-do list.

Thank you,

My current workaround which also seems to solve another problem. I've been using Diigo for years to annotate web pages and pdf files and I have hundreds of tags associated with them. I've always been a little concerned about TheBrain handling hundreds of types and tags so what I've now started doing is using the Label field to include info as to {Type | Location | Author | Other Relevant Tags Not In Title}. This made sense once I figured that the quick search seems to index the label content just like the words in thought titles.

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