Release 5.5 enhancement says it can index contents of MindManager files. So far I was not able to find any content in MindManger attachements.
I reindexed my brain twice, increased the filesize  etc.
Any suggestions?
Hi Mike,

Thanks for posting.

What is your OS?

What version of PersonalBrain (PB) are you using? In the Windows version of PersonalBrain you can find this by going to Help > About PersonalBrain.

If you are not using the latest release of PB, version, please upgrade to see if you still experience the issue. If you still can not search your Mind Manager attachments after the upgrade, please replicate the issue in a small test Brain, then forward us a copy of your output.log file to support@thebrain.com. You can find your output.log file in the PersonalBrain folder at "C:\Program Files\PersonalBrain".

Best regards,


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