Hello again,

Right now, if you hover the mouse over a search result, a tooltip pops up showing you the same information you're hovering the mouse over. I.e. the thought name. This is a bit redundant. 😉

Would it be possible for the Tooltip to display the thought label instead?

This is especially useful for thought names that aren't entirely obvious. For example, I have hub thoughts representing projects, using the naming convention: "<Customer>, <Project Code>" This helps reduce the length of related thoughts where context-sensitive naming is used - it's very easy when using context-sensitive naming to have extremely long thought names that are difficult to work with.

As a convention, I also specify the label as "!<Customer>,<Project Description>" This allows me to hone in on a project for customer XYZ extremely quickly by typing "!XYZ" - the customer name itself will be used in many places so putting the "!" at the beginning tells search I'm specifically looking for for a project. I could type "$XYZ" to find sales opportunities, "@XYZ" to find customer contacts, "=XYZ" to go straight to the customer's hub thought etc.

So the problem is when I have many projects (or sales opportunities or whatever) for customer XYZ I get a list of project codes and I don't necessarily know which one is the project I want. It would be fantastic if I could hover over the search results and see the label because then I would know immediately. Right now I have to select them in turn until I find the one I want.

Even if the above use case is purely my own one-off, it would still be an improvement to repurpose the Tooltip to show useful information rather than repeating what you can already see imo. 😉

Great suggestion.  Thanks for posting and I'll document the request.


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