Height of search results column is limited to show at most six items, which is not necessary, AFAIK. (version on Windows7)
When there are more search results, Could you please display the list as long as necessary, up to bottom edge of TheBrain window?

REASON: User could more often easily select thought, without need to use scroll bar (now tiny, requiring precise positioning, when list is long).

Similar improvement could be made not only under Search field, but also for list of suggestions, when user by dragging creates jump/parent/child thought.
+1 -- A bigger display window for both the main search and the instant search windows would be a great help in the short term.

In the long-term, I would really love to see a static window display for the search results similar to TB10's current report window along with search terms highlighted in the search preview (see TB8 search display) and wherever they appear in the thought notes.

See details in this previous outstanding request.

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