I would like to search in children of a thought and for a a type

But how to do that? To have the “Only under active” option, I have to type a text in the search box. Let say I have a thought “Upper body” and a type “Dumbbell”. I want all children of the thought “Upper body” with the “Dumbbell” type. But how I do that?

I jump to the “Upper body” thought, ok. Now if in the search box I type Dumbbell, it will not select the Dumbbell type, just the thoughts with this word.

I can do this if I create a tag “Upper body” and if I assign it on all children of “Upper body”. So, I can search “Upper body” in the type “Dumbbell” (in Advanced search). That is a little stupid and time wasting. And what if I want to search all the children of “Upper body” in the “Dumbbell” and in the “Bench” types?

Is that me who do not understand to use the search function, or this function is very poor?


Thanks for your answers.




In this particular example you would only be able to see all Thoughts of a particular Thought Type or all Children Thoughts of another Thought, not both. There are Custom Reports that can make searching a little easier but, unless I am misunderstanding your question, there is no way to directly accomplish what you are asking without some modification to your Brain structure.
Well, maybe that could a new feature?

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