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The reason I'd like the link name to be separate from the link label is that I often use special links that do NOT have a visible label.

For example, I may put notes and attachments in a link that are purely for my own use, and there's no reason for the link name/label to be visible to anyone else.

However, if the name and label are NOT separate, and I delete the link label, then there's no link name listed on any of these special links in my report of link types, or in my list of link types:


In this example, I have only 1 such special (unnamed/unlabeled) link type in my brain, so it is easy to recognize.

However, if I want to create more than one of these special link types (without a visible label), then I'll have multiple unnamed links in my list of link types which immediately becomes problematic when:
> assigning a link type and/or
> running reports on link types

Just curious: will any consideration be given creating link names separately from link labels, in the same way that that thoughts have separate names and labels? (see my request from last year for this feature in the post immediately above)

Having separate link names and link labels would provide a good option for hiding link labels, when needed.
Just wondering if this request to create link names separately from link labels has been documented?

This option would be very helpful, especially in public brains, for the reasons detailed previously in this thread.

Thanks in advance for your consideration of this request.
Documented, but not yet implemented.

Many thanks, Matt!

Appreciate your follow-up and confirmation.

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