The color coding for thought types is a good one. But as the color selected approaches that of the plex background, the thoughts become harder to see. I propose that types have their own background colors. This would make different thought types much easier to distinguish. For example, blue text on a white background would easily be differentiated from blue text on a cyan background.

I have attached a mocked up screenshot to show what I'm suggesting.
Thought 1 is highlighted with a background color.

I have no idea about the difficulty of implementing this, and I am very mindful of the problems of visual clutter. Maybe when a view is expanded too finely, the backgrounds would become fainter. I don't know - just "writing out loud."

Hopefully this makes sense to more than just me.
- Bal

Click image for larger version - Name: pb-with-local-backgrounds.png, Views: 61, Size: 18.60 KB

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