If the text in Notes extends beyond the height of the Notes window and I try to use my mouse to select text from the top to below the visible portion, the text doesn't scroll and I can't extend the selection beyond the visible portion.

It works fine if I use the keyboard to select the text and, if I want all the text, I can use CRTL-A. 
Also, I can click at the top and then scroll down and Shift-click to select the block of text.

Still, it's a bit annoying to have the scrolling just stop when using the mouse.

Edited: I just remembered that I addressed this in a previous post: RC  & notes editing.
Definitely +1 for full note scrolling when highlighting text in notes with the mouse

Good point.  Tested and verified.  I'm not sure if this is documented, but I'll make sure that it is.

Thank you,

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