Currently, "Edit > Undo" resp. "Edit > Redo" does not cover the actions "add item(s) to selection list" and "remove item(s) from selection list".

My scenario: I've select quite some thoughts, move the cursor from selection list item to next item, whereby checking the notes. If an item does not cover my current topic, I press cmd-click, thereby remove this current item from the selection list. Sometimes I'm too fast, and remove and item, realizing afterwards, that this very item did indeed cover my topic. Because I do not memorize the thought's name each time I check the notes, well, it's gone, and I have to restart my selection from the beginning.

The contextual menu of the plex contains a submenu "Arrange Thoughts by", with the menu items "Name", "Type", "Date Modified", "Date Created", and "Date Activated".

I would like to have these options / this submenu within the selection list's contextual menu as well.

A "solution deluxe" would be, if the sort direction could be specified as well, e.g. 'forward' (A to Z), and 'backward' (Z to A) ...


P.S. I just discovered that's it's almost a duplicate of my post from 2017-03-14, #3625 ...

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