This may not be specifically new to 5.5 but neither has the behavior improved in 5.5 (this is my first post on the subject):

1) The selection panel is too narrow and cannot be sized or floated.

     The fact that the incremental Instant Search only acts upon thought names tends to favor long thought names, while the [narrow] selection panel truncates / scrolls the names.

     Even if something like a "keywords" field is added to alleviate the pressure to generate long thought names, some thought names will still be too long for the selection panel.

2) The keyboard can be used to navigate up and down through the "Selection" list, but the highlighted thought cannot be selected with the keyboard.

     It should be possible to make the highlighted thought the active thought using the keyboard.

Click image for larger version - Name: sample.PNG, Views: 80, Size: 41.19 KB
Hi Cornan, good to see additional support for a keywords field!

The width of the Selection Box is half that of the Search Results, in case you hadn't measured it. I guess this is to create a bit more room in the Plex, whereas the Search Results box was widened to display parents of Thoughts with duplicate names (I'm guessing here).

I agree that lack of keyboard activation of a Thought in the Selection box is as frustrating as not being to move focus to the Selection Box using a keyboard shortcut, as well as not being able to switch focus back to the Plex by pressing F3 (having to remember to press Esc instead), but hopefully this will all be remedied one day.

I'm not a great fan of mice or touchpads either. I guess you've discovered by now that pressing Enter to activate a Thought won't work in Reports either, nor will pressing the Applications key (aka Context Menu key, equivalent to Alt+F10) bring up the context menu in Reports. What's even more confusing is that pressing the Applications key when a thought is selected in the Selection Box does bring up the context menu, only it happens to apply to the Active Thought, not the one in the box! Tarnation!

I wouldn't mind seeing an Options option toggle to double the width of the Selection Box to that of Search Results, or maybe an option to make it a Tools Pane where it could be docked or auto-hidden. As a stopgap measure, you can tag everything in it and reopen the list in Reports, filtered to that tag.

Maybe you and I should ask them nicely to devote one Release to bringing full keyboard functionality to PB. I'm sure zenrain would be willing to forego his pony just once, for that.

PB on Windows XP, J-1.6.0_17
Forgoe, no.
Delay, maybe...

Windows 7
OSX 10.6.3
Java SE 6
Cornan, Thank you for the post and feedback. I will make sure to put this on the feature request list for our engineers.

Best regards,


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